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Baker Lake

Magnificent old growth forests, stellar views of Mount Baker, turbulent tributaries,and, of course, a beautiful lake make this trail a great path to travel.

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Point Roberts

The park includes forested upland bluffs, beaches and tidal mudflats with spectacular views of the Strait of Georgia and the orca that pass by. Watch seals bask offshore, discover starfish and other beach life when you visit Lily Point.

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Lummi Island

Join us for a day of fun filled hiking, site seeing and relaxation on Lummi Island.

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Chains Lake Loop

his gorgeous loop hike has it all: big views of Mounts Baker and Shuksan, as well as the North Cascades, alpine lakes for swimming, and well-maintained trail winding through meadows and heather. And with wildflowers in spring, blueberry bushes for trail-side snacking in late summer and blazing color in the fall, you can't pick a bad season to visit.

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Lake Ann

Enjoy up-close, breathtaking views of Mount Shuksan’s west face, along with views of Fisher Chimney, the upper and lower Curtis Glacier, as well as Mount Baker from the trail to Lake Ann. The lake in a rocky basin, in the midst of this spectacular scenery. On some days you can hear ice echoing through the valley as it crashes down the face of Mount Shuksan. This is a late season hike, as snow can linger here into August.

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Chanterelle Trail

The Chanterelle Trail is one of the many trails in the Park's plan. At 2.4 miles, the trail offers long switchbacks uphill to a remarkable view of Lake Whatcom, Puget Sound, and the San Juan Islands. While the view is gorgeous, you'll pay the price to get there -- it's 1000 feet of elevation one way.

This trip is in early July

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