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Coach Mark’s Youth  Pickleball Program

Do you know of a teen or child between the ages of 10-18 interested in learning the game of pickleball and participating in a Junior Development Program?

Directed by Coach Mark, BBAC’s Youth Pickleball Program will feature ongoing lessons, practice sessions, and an opportunity play pickleball in a fun and safe environement.

Registration is capped at eight players for each session and you can sign up for more than one session at a time. All of these session are free thank to the generosity of Coach Mark LLC and The Social Impact Foundation.

You can register online for one or more session. Call BBAC for more information: 360.645.6416


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Coach Mark with Jane

Introduction to the Game of Pickleball

Are you ready to learn how to play the game of pickleball the right way?

Teaching Pro Coach Mark’s Introduction to the Game of Pickleball program for new players is a series of three, 2-hour lessons. At the end of this program, players will be able to:

  • Describe the three most important rules of pickleball.
  • Understand the techniques and mechanics needed to hit any shot in pickleball.
  • Practice hitting dinks, drops, drives, volleys, serves (including the new drop serve), and returns of serve.
  • Learn how to score and keep correct court positioning during doubles play.
  • Keep a short rally going and get a quick start to the game of pickleball.

One program will be offered indoors during winter 2022 on February 13, 20, and 27. Four programs are scheduled for the outdoor pickleball season in April, May, June, and August.

Cost of the program is $36 per person and four players minimum are required to hold each event. Contact BBAC for more information.

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Intro to Pickleball

Workout with Coach Mark

Are you ready to develop or improve the control, consistency, and confidence needed to play at a higher skill level?

In Workout with Coach Mark, BBAC Teaching Pro Mark Livingston will customize drills and drill games from the Coach Workout Series© to address challenges you may be experiencing in your gameplay. Coach Mark’s session plan consists of 90 minutes of drilling and 30 minutes of coached gameplay with other participants.

Registration is capped at eight players per session and cost is $12 per person per Workout.

Note the Beginner's Workout requires completion of an introductory class or program. The Novice Workout requires an introductory class and six months of playing experience."

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Contact Coach Mark

Contact Coach Mark to learn more about these unique learning opportunities.

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