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Coach Mark Programs Fall 2021


Welcome to the Game of Pickleball

Are you curious about the game and sport of pickleball? Are you ready to see what the fun is all about?

BBAC Teaching Pro Coach Mark will be hosting a FREE orientation program to the game of pickleball on Sunday, November 7 from 5-7 p.m. at the Birch Bay Activity Center.

Be sure to register for this free event as sign up is capped at eight players. Pickleball paddles and balls will be available.


Coach Mark’s Junior Development Program

Do you know of a teen or child between the ages of 10-18 interested in learning the game of pickleball and participating in a Junior Development Program?

Directed by Teaching Pro Coach Mark, BBAC’s Junior Development Program will feature ongoing lessons, practice sessions, and an opportunity to develop pickleball skills and gameplay performance.

Registration will be capped at eight players per session to ensure everyone has a safe and rewarding experience. The cost is $12 per person per session and scholarships are available.

October 2021 sessions at the BBAC include:

CLICK HERE to see our October & November dates.


Introduction to the Game of Pickleball

Are you ready to learn how to play the game of pickleball the right way?

Teaching Pro Coach Mark’s Introduction to the Game of Pickleball program for new players is a series of three, 2-hour lessons. At the end of this program, players will be able to:

  • Describe the three most important rules of pickleball.
  • Understand the techniques and mechanics needed to hit any shot in pickleball.
  • Practice hitting dinks, drops, drives, volleys, serves (including the new drop serve), and returns of serve.
  • Learn how to score and keep correct court positioning during doubles play.
  • Keep a short rally going and get a quick start to the game of pickleball.
  • Learn the 7 drills and 3 drill games in The Coach Mark Workout©.

Be sure to register for the Introduction class scheduled in October (registration is capped at eight players and cost is $36 per person). The class will be held on these dates and times:

CLICK HERE to see our October & November dates.

Coach Mark with Jane

Workout with Coach Mark

Are you ready to develop or improve the control, consistency, and confidence needed to play at a higher skill level? Would you like to use the upcoming fall and winter months to develop your skills and gameplay performance?

In these regular sessions for novice, intermediate, and advanced players, BBAC Teaching Pro Mark Livingston will lead you through the drills and drill games from the Coach Mark Workout Series© and from the Pickleball Burn™ Workout. In addition, you’ll receive feedback and improvement tips and participate in “coached gameplay” sessions to learn and implement the BFM Doubles Strategy©.

Be sure to register for the following Workouts scheduled in October (registration is capped at eight players and cost is $12 per person per Workout):

CLICK HERE to see our October, November & December dates.

Contact Coach Mark

Contact Coach Mark to learn more about these unique learning opportunities.

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