Coach Mark Programs and Services

Coach Mark Programs and Services (2021)


Workout with Coach Mark

Would you like to practice one-on-one with a Certified Pickleball Coach and Teaching Professional?

Workout with Coach Mark is your opportunity to practice with an advanced 4.5+ player and develop the control, consistency, and confidence required to move up in skill-level. In these rigorous practice sessions, Coach Mark will work you through the drills and drill games of The Coach Mark Workout©. You’ll also receive feedback and tips for improvement.


Skills Development Plan

Would you like to have an assessment of your skills and a targeted Pickleball Development Plan from a Certified Teaching Professional? 

In your initial meeting with Coach Mark, he will conduct an assessment of your skills. He’ll also ask about your improvement goals. Based on this information, Coach Mark will design a Pickleball Development Plan to correct weaknesses and improve skills and gameplay performance. The Plan will include outcomes, a summary of the lessons or practice sessions to be conducted, and a proposed budget and schedule. 

Video Coaching with Coach Mark

Have you ever watched yourself play pickleball on video? Are you ready to see firsthand how you move on the court or hit the pickleball?

In Video Coaching with Coach Mark, you’ll have an opportunity to see how you’re currently playing the game and sport of pickleball. Coach Mark will take video of you hitting eight basic shots and analyze stroke mechanics in slow motion using the Coach’s Eye app.  You’ll then review this video together over Zoom. Video Coaching with Coach Mark is an add-on feature to your Pickleball Development Plan. The service can also be delivered long-distance. Contact Coach Mark to learn more.


Introduction to Pickleball

Interested in learning how to play the game of pickleball the right way? Coach Mark’s Introduction to Pickleball program for new players is a series of four, one-hour lessons. At the end of these lessons, players will be able to:

  • Describe the three most important rules of pickleball.
  • Understand how to hit any shot in pickleball.
  • Practice hitting six basic shots, including the dink, drop, drive, volley, service, and return of serve.
  • Learn how to score and keep correct court positioning during doubles play.

Improve Your Doubles Play

How would you like to learn a strategy for winning more doubles games? Or, making fewer unforced errors in doubles?

Coach Mark’s Improve Your Doubles Play is a series of four 2-hour lessons for players seeking to learn a systematic approach to the game of doubles. The program utilizes key concepts from the Dynamite Doubles course by Helle Sparre. At the end of these lessons and practice sessions, you will be able to:

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of each doubles player.
  • Understand why solid defensive skills are critical to winning more games.
  • Eliminate bad habits and choices that contribute to unforced errors.
  • Improve teamwork by breaking down the most common “game situations.”
  • Learn and practice a variety of drills to improve doubles play.

IPTPA Skill-Level Ratings

Would you be interested in obtaining an accurate skill-level rating using a system that’s 100% objective?

In December 2020, Coach Mark became a Certified Rating Specialist through IPTPA, the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. The IPTPA Rating System is an objective and standardized process used internationally to evaluate the skill and performance of players. Are you ready to put your skills to the test? If so, contact Coach Mark for more details.

test prep

IPTPA Rating Test Prep

Are you ready for your IPTPA rating session? Do you know what is going to take place during the session?

Coach Mark offers players an opportunity to prepare for the IPTPA skills-rating process. Whether you’re just curious about the process or have scheduled a ratings session through IPTPA, Coach Mark can take you through the two tests you will have to pass. In a 90-minute session, you will:

  • Complete the skills demonstration portion of the IPTPA ratings test
  • Compete in three “ghost doubles” games with a player already at the skill level you are seeking to obtain
  • Receive feedback from Coach Mark on strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities

Contact Coach Mark

Contact Coach Mark to learn more about these unique learning opportunities.

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