The Coach Mark Workout

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The Coach Mark Workout Series©

The Coach Mark Workout Series© is a suite of drills and drill games designed to improve control, consistency, and confidence. Coach Mark is an advocate of drilling and believes drilling with like-minded partners is the fastest way to accelerate and sustain improvement.

There are currently three Workouts in the Series;

Contact Coach Mark if you have any questions about the Workouts or if you’d like to schedule a private or group session to learn these drills and drill games.

Our Story

"Hi, I’m Mark Livingston, a Certified Pickleball Coach and Teaching Professional. I’m also a certified pickleball addict!"

Mark had 50 years of tennis playing and 10 years of tennis coaching prior to his introduction to pickleball. He is now a Certified Level 2 Teaching Professional through IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association), a Certified Pro through PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) and a Certified Coach through PCI (Pickleball Coaching International). In addition, Coach Mark is a 4.5 rated player and Certified Rating Specialist through IPTPA. He provides instruction, coaching, and rating services for players at all levels of skill.
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To Contact Coach Mark
Coach Mark Pickleball, Inc.
(252) 451-0367

About Coach Mark

Mark Livingston is President of Coach Mark Pickleball, a pickleball coaching practice located in Blaine, Washington. Blaine is situated across Semiahmoo Bay from White Rock, British Columbia and is 35 miles from Vancouver and 110 miles from Seattle. Learn More...

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