The Coach Mark Workout

The Coach Mark Workout Series©

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Are you ready to improve the control, consistency, precision, and confidence needed to play at a higher level?
In Workout with Coach Mark, you will receive two hours of drills, drill games, and coached gameplay to:

  1.  Learn the techniques (or core mechanics) needed to play in control and with precision.
  2. Develop targeting and placement skills using variations of Coach Mark’s Nine Box Workout©.
  3. Implement an easy-to-remember and easy-to-use doubles strategy developed by Coach Mark (the Keep It Simple Strategy©).
  4. Dominate play at the Non-Volley Line (where 80% of points are won in pickleball).
  5. Master the Slow Game and use “soft shots” to counter the one-dimensional approach of “slammers” and control game tempo.
  6. Explore the “Coach Mark Workout Theme” of the month with custom-designed drills/drill games and learn how to use these skills in coached gameplay (the last 1/3 of each session).
  7. Enjoy playing the game of pickleball with like-minded players who aim to continuously improve their skills and gameplay performance.

There are three levels of Workout with Coach Mark being offered in 2024 for players at the beginner’s level, novice level (2.0 and 2.5), and intermediate level (3.0 and 3.5).
Use the following skill-level rating guides from IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) to determine which Workout with Coach Mark session is right for you:

IPTPA Skill Assessment 2.0 Players
IPTPA Skill Assessment 2.5 Players
IPTPA Skill Assessment 3.0 Players
• IPTPA Skill Assessment 3.5 Players

Note: we will be offering 12 spots for each Workout session during the outdoor season at BBAC (up from 8 spots). Cost of the upgraded Workouts will move to $35 per session.

Contact Coach Mark if you have any questions about the Workouts.


To Contact Coach Mark
Coach Mark Pickleball, Inc.
(252) 451-0367

About Coach Mark

Mark Livingston is President of Coach Mark Pickleball, a pickleball coaching practice located in Blaine, Washington. Blaine is situated across Semiahmoo Bay from White Rock, British Columbia and is 35 miles from Vancouver and 110 miles from Seattle. Learn More...

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